Standing Rock v. 3.0. Duluth, Minnesota: Husky Energy oil refinery in Superior today. The facility was rocked by many explosions and resulted in several large fires.

Intel and quotes from from Dallon White:

“In the United States, metal tanks in contact with soil and containing petroleum products must be protected from corrosion to prevent escape of the product into the environment. The most effective and common corrosion control techniques for steel in contact with soil is cathodic protection. Outside the United States and at some locations in the United States, elevated tank support foundations with a sand bitumen mix finish are often used. These type of foundations keep the tank bottom plates free from water, hence prevent corrosion.

This place should of been shut down 20 years ago. There is safety and osha violations all over the place. Just look at the top of this storage tank. It is ugly, full of corrosion, and expired.

ETP stocks dropped like crazy when the initial explosion happened.

We are very lucky there was no fatalities, most oil refinery explosions have fatalities.

This oil refinery as is right now is putting over 40 millions peoples source of fresh water at risk.

Right now as is there is 100k+ people at risk of death or serious injury by explosion from the hydrogen flouride tank 15 feet away from the asphalt tank. This is why they put a 3 mile radius all around to evacuate. To me that is an under-estimation made by the false professionals and politicians praying this thing dont blow. If the hydro flouride tank goes the entire place will be like detonating a multi-megaton bomb because this place has millions of gallons of oil in storage.

This is a state of emergency till the tanks cool off. As of yet they are still hot af.

Stay safe people in superior and duluth. This place is still high risk.
Praying for you.”

“Believe we will defend ourselves and our home from this foriegn invasion. Next police officer to pull a gun on me for no reason in the treaty territory when I am unarmed will be sniped out from the woods by the sniper team, you dont have to worry about me killing anyone so no need for weapons, and if I can kick your ass you shouldn’t be an officer of the law. If you want an authority to contact me please call a native american reservation officer, FBI or U.S. Marshal. State, county, and city police have zero juristiction over me, you cannot give me unlawful orders outside of your juristiction and act as if your giving me a break with a warning after you find out you have no juristiction. These police can be shot and killed just as legally when they are completely out of their juristiction committing assault and raising weapons to shoot to kill. We still have the right to defend ourselves from being killed no matter what. You have no idea and I am not affraid to die. You need to get a higher education because your all pawns to corporate america. You must follow the laws also. You do not pull a gun out on someone who is buckled in a seat belt getting assaulted by an officer already. You are breaking federal law. You a breaking international laws and rules of engagment. I am soverign with support of the NRA, and treaty enforcers so dont fuck with me. This is life and death to me and you dont want to be caught in the crossfire between me and this machine killing humanity. This is not a threat, and this is not a warning. This is real because I know you watch my facebook. You flagged me as approach with extreme caution remember? You rolled up on me with 6 squads and an undercover unit on line 4 when I was alone just because you watch my facebook, remember? Remember your from a different continent, your not connected to these lands as I am and your in my home. Remember the eclipse on my birthday when I turned 33 years old on August 21st 2018, 104 years after the solar eclipse during WW1. Remember the 3 hurricanes that hit ETP and Transcanada? Remember all the storms shutting down Enbridge line 3 in Wisconsin for 33 days? Remember why you are affraid of the woods when you came to the edge of it? You are the guest here and I make the rules, not you. You are allowed shields and blunt objects, any escalation in violence using projectiles from police mercenaries gaurding this pipeline will result in WW3. Ask Russia and China. I am just the messenger and an observer. This heart is on fire.”

“Clint Austin said “Here are my images from the Husky Energy oil refinery in Superior today. The facility was rocked by many explosions and resulted in several large fires.

I was there after the first wave of the fire and they were letting workers head back to the refinery. I followed along and as they were getting back to the facility the fire started up again and there were at least a dozen large explosions in a very short period of time. The refinery workers started running the other way. I overheard one of them say, “I am getting the hell out of here! This is a bomb waiting to go off!” Needless to say, it was the most nervous I have been at a scene in a very long time.””

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