Mni Wiconi: The iOS App for Water Protectors

– Photograph taken in Whiteclay, Nebraska
Tomorrow, I pray that not a single soul dies during the forced removal of all water protectors from the Standing Rock camps. I am already planning how to empower these brave souls and those that follow to replace them this year in the face of an infinitely worse situation with a simple secure tool for getting photographs and videos of treaty violations back to the tribe and into the hands of the United Nations and the People. The People should be the ones who decide what happens to the water, not Washington D.C. in bed with Big Oil. I openly declare war on anyone who violates the sacred nature of what the Water Protectors are doing now in camp. They speak of nonviolence, well my iOS app will be nonviolent. It will be better than any other app out there for taking pictures and videos. These two kinds of data are the Water Protectors ammunition and weapon. I am a Water Protector who makes tools, weapons in this nonviolent war that can be used to prosecute Big Oil and the American government of war crimes. When this fight is over it will be clear who is on the side of Truth and Justice, Peace and Faith. It is time to wake up and remember our ancestors. Tomorrow will be a sad day. The next day, we will go to work and find new sites of resistance. My Standing Rock is my iOS app that securely stores photos and videos in a Tribally owned Cloud data storage site. No Water Protector should trust any big company like Facebook or Google with the best data they have. It will be wiped clean by the Trump administration before you can use it, or will be used to incriminate you. Trust no one, and then you can see where to go. Think upon this for long enough and you make steps and find solutions. We need solutions, quick and fast. The time is short. Stop the Pipelines! Our Pipes are stronger than your Pipes! Our tobacco Pipes are stronger than your oil Pipes! Big Oil prepare for nonlethal, nonviolent war!

About kayaerbil

I am a Berkeley educated chemistry Ph.D. who is moving into the area of working on developing appropriate technology for communities that are subjected to socio-economic oppression. The goal is to use simple and effective designs to empower people to live better lives. Currently, I am working with Native Americans on Pine Ridge, the Lakota reservation in South Dakota. I am working with a Native owned and run solar energy company. We are currently working on building a compressed earth block (CEB) house that showcases many of the technologies that the company has developed. The CEB house is made of locally derived resources, earth from the reservation. The blocks are naturally thermally insulating, keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Eventually, a solar air heater and photovoltaic panels will be installed into the house to power the home and keep it warm, while preserving the house off the grid. A side project while in Pine Ridge is a solar computer. I hope to learn about blockchain encryption software for building microgrids. In addition, it is an immediate interest of mine to involve local youth in technology education.
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