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I’ll be connecting with this institute soon to work on my kids book for the Standing Rock School. The main idea of this project is to support new ways of bringing the truth of today’s world for a earth minded person to a child who will bring in the future, channeling indigenous knowledge and merging it with the best of modern ideas and structures.  It’s a delicate balance, that will require a lot of conversation with a wide array of people from different ethnic groups, gender orientations, social classes, and races.  I knew there were reasons to return to the Bay Area, even though it was not really that clear when I came from the #NoDAPL actions. I just got a job as a preparation cook at a high end restaurant about four miles south of where I am staying now. The home I have found to live in is awesome. Really nice rural location, near SF, Oakland, and Berkeley in the city of Napa. Now, as of yesterday I have a job to provide some cash and structure to my day while I pursue my dream of using art to help people in oppressed locations around the intersection of water, oil, and human survival. It’s going to take a while to make that transition, but is a good one to do. I’m still working towards exactly what I want to do with my life, but it’s slowly getting clearer. I offered to help the woman who was training me yesterday some help with a stomach problem she is having. I offered some help adapting her diet and learning some meditation and positive thinking techniques to help heal her body, mind, and spirit. I gave her the yoga book they gave me in Sivananda Ashram as well as a book of nice spiritual writings. Working at this restaurant and living in Napa may reveal some subtle ways to work towards getting closer to earth and a role as a healer. At the same, time I see a path in technology and art around climate change. It’s a multivariable path, with a Google part and a farming part. Just like Interstellar the film.

We need both high technology and low technology to survival the anthropocene.  There’s a balance that’s needed.  I am taking the Coursera Digital Marketing series of courses from the U of I-UC as a way to get an introduction to marketing, data science, and business.  I realized anything in a capitalist system must be “sold.”  Whether it is a product, a nonprofit’s work, a government’s new policy, or a scientist’s new discovery, the public must know about it.  Furthermore, in this new digital world full of devices and data, people are now more than every rigorously discerning and particular about how they sort through the seemingly infinite sources and streams of cognitive stimulation.  This is where art comes in to play, it offers a way for us to engage people.  I just learned about Google’s ZMOT (zero moment of truth) idea about how marketing decisions are made today.  It’s based on the radical shift from print media to digital channels:

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-7-35-42-am screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-7-34-50-am screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-7-34-58-am screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-7-35-13-am screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-7-34-53-am Some times we may need high technology solutions to climate change chaos, sometimes we may need super simple stuff.

Let’s replace this:


With this:


Considering letters are appearing in Science saying that scientists are in solidarity with #NoDAPL, it seems we all are on board.  At least the sane.  What more do you need to know than we are facing a very serious situation where consumption and our love of stuff may kill us off as a species.


This situation comes down to the next generation.  The Seventh Generation in the Lakota prophecy.  Either we kill the black snake and The Seven Generation restores earth to balance, or all human life on earth dies.


The Sixth Generation is tasked with solving this, throw into the situation by The Fifth Generation.  The Protectors have got to get aggressive to fight for these kids.  They have to be ruthless and compassionate, both.  That’s what this draft of my second poetry book is about.


This is a very serious time, it’s not a time to mess around throwing insults to each other.  We need to cooperate, and not get sucked into old patterns of anger and hate.  Use that anger as an energy, wood for a fire to burn down the old oppressive structures to reveal a new world.


Replace Big Oil with solar light, to inspire the transition.  The old ways are best, but we may need to make some compromises.

img_0112 img_0113 img_0116

Like she says…

We have to “sell” that idea to a public that loves consumption and the “lower” things. Not that they like it, but the’ve given up.

About kayaerbil

I am a Berkeley educated chemistry Ph.D. who is moving into the area of working on developing appropriate technology for communities that are subjected to socio-economic oppression. The goal is to use simple and effective designs to empower people to live better lives. Currently, I am working with Native Americans on Pine Ridge, the Lakota reservation in South Dakota. I am working with a Native owned and run solar energy company. We are currently working on building a compressed earth block (CEB) house that showcases many of the technologies that the company has developed. The CEB house is made of locally derived resources, earth from the reservation. The blocks are naturally thermally insulating, keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Eventually, a solar air heater and photovoltaic panels will be installed into the house to power the home and keep it warm, while preserving the house off the grid. A side project while in Pine Ridge is a solar computer. I hope to learn about blockchain encryption software for building microgrids. In addition, it is an immediate interest of mine to involve local youth in technology education.
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