“Psychological operations (PSYOP) are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”

– Wikipedia

Electromagnetic pulse weapons (EMP), smartphones,

I divorced Betsy with an iPhone 3G,

I saw swastikas on Stars of David,

From the Middle East, via my Turkish family,

Armenian genocide denial and 9/11 videos,

America the terrorist, Kurdish people terrorists, Arabs as terrorists,

I’ve seen war and blood, Skyped into Syria,

Heard AK’s and howitzers,

With my EMP, I’ve destroyed my father,

I know how terrorism work, I done psyops,

I’ve done it enough to know that peace comes from dissociation from the bits,

One day, we may all learn to project orchids digitally,

‘Til then it’s tit-for-tat, blow for blow,

An eye for an eye, bit for bit,

All this simulation, virtual reality is real,

War and peace, I need Jesus to come back,

Christ where are you? In me?

About kayaerbil

I am a Berkeley educated chemistry Ph.D. who is moving into the area of working on developing appropriate technology for communities that are subjected to socio-economic oppression. The goal is to use simple and effective designs to empower people to live better lives. Currently, I am working with Native Americans on Pine Ridge, the Lakota reservation in South Dakota. I am working with a Native owned and run solar energy company. We are currently working on building a compressed earth block (CEB) house that showcases many of the technologies that the company has developed. The CEB house is made of locally derived resources, earth from the reservation. The blocks are naturally thermally insulating, keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Eventually, a solar air heater and photovoltaic panels will be installed into the house to power the home and keep it warm, while preserving the house off the grid. A side project while in Pine Ridge is a solar computer. I hope to learn about blockchain encryption software for building microgrids. In addition, it is an immediate interest of mine to involve local youth in technology education.
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