I am in Love with A Riot Grrrl: Food Not Bombs


“I was sent forth from the power,and I have come to those who reflect upon me,and I have been found among those who seek after me.  Look upon me, you who reflect upon me,and you hearers, hear me.You who are waiting for me, take me to yourselves.And do not banish me from your sight.And do not make your voice hate me, nor your hearing.Do not be ignorant of me anywhere or any time.  Be on your guard!  Do not be ignorant of me.”

Thunderer, Perfect Mind

I dream of people in the Middle East doing Food Not Bombs!

Thunderer, Perfect Mind, warped by a mind numbing combination,
Of anti-depressents, lithium, anti-psychotics, mood stabilizers,
And sleep meds, a chemical prison, all designed to chain me,
To a fucking laboratory bench and to think inside an iron maiden,
The Perfect Mind, my mind, the only mind I have is non-linear,
A spider’s dragnet catching the wind over a maglev bullet train,
More Ai Weiwei or Picasso than Einstein or Mendel,

Each day that passes is another day I am closer to death,
Enter Mark Twight and rock climbing in Berkeley in 2007:

“What’s your problem? I think I know.
You see it in the mirror every morning:
temptation and doubt hip to hip inside your head.
You know it’s not supposed to be like this.
But you drank the Kool-Aid and dressed yourself,
up in someone else’s life.”

We don’t need shoes to walk on glass,
I’ve already cut myself every night,
Ole’ Johnny Blade is my dark friend,
Do you know what I’ve done?! Killed!!!
How can I live with myself, soulless??!!

Where do I turn? What did we do when,
We unchained the earth from the sun?
Left floating 3rd rock from the sun,
Suspended in an absolute void, nowhere,
To turn to find help but each other,

Sisters and brothers,
I need a friends, the demons,
Come from the lower world at night,
The angels come from the sky, upperworld,
American psycho, learn to love,

Ignore the “you’re crazy” comments,
For, for every IQ point they have you have 1000,
When you present a piece of art on Amazon,
… and gets mixed reviews, polarized across 1’s and 5’s,
You know you are onto something,

Are you a night child? Does love set you free,
To bear your soul and leave it on the ground,
Nothing is hidden with me, yet under cover of darkness,
Somewhere there in that void, the void in our hearts,
The void in our minds, the absolute void of 0 (zero),
The infinite 0 of space demonstrates the infinite,

Scream into space and no-one yet has come to help,
Aliens either do not care or are just like us, or better,
Or worse, for out star brothers to show up on CNN,
Will take a concerted effort for people to gather objective data,
The day you see a human face in agony and hug him,

Amen, God is Love!

There is something about the absolute void that screams,
Divinity! Oh, father Sky and Mother Earth,
When the lights are out and the roads shut down,
When electromagnetic pulses destroy the info economy,
Zapping Facebook and Google to silicon vapor,

If you have not made peace with this void,
It will scare you, child of the Black Sun,
Angels are right here right now, an angel,
Is here in this poem, I am an angel of what I do not know,
But I am an angel, I save souls or return them to hell,
Mystical bounty hunter, American Psycho!

Demon slayer, Slayer on my Mp3 player every day,
Burzum is how I survived Berkeley, a little,
Darkthrone, Transylvanian Hunger, bit me my love child,
Eat my flesh, broken for you,
Drink my blood, as it rushes out of the bite wound,

Animals we are repressing our inner drives to hunt,
To fornicate like Bonobos, cyberlove, Tinder,
Cybernetic blood, sugar, sex majik,
Apples, Androids, and Firefoxes,
Hey riot grrrl, want to start a riot?

Dopamine floods, psychodynamic synaptic connection,
Tango my dear, let’s tango and rest from our visions,
My love, I know it is exhausting to be an Orchid,
Dandelions, everywhere, not a single orchid around,
…or, so you think, around the table of Food not Bombs,

We can meet those of our blood, orchid blood, plants,
We vote Green, Ralph Nader, the ridiculous fool was,
Cool with me, but we know that politics is a waste,
Get in the kitchen and cook that vegan food,
Food not Bombs, a gathering for the orchid children,

Amen, God is Love!

…to be continue…

About kayaerbil

I am a Berkeley educated chemistry Ph.D. who is moving into the area of working on developing appropriate technology for communities that are subjected to socio-economic oppression. The goal is to use simple and effective designs to empower people to live better lives. Currently, I am working with Native Americans on Pine Ridge, the Lakota reservation in South Dakota. I am working with a Native owned and run solar energy company. We are currently working on building a compressed earth block (CEB) house that showcases many of the technologies that the company has developed. The CEB house is made of locally derived resources, earth from the reservation. The blocks are naturally thermally insulating, keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Eventually, a solar air heater and photovoltaic panels will be installed into the house to power the home and keep it warm, while preserving the house off the grid. A side project while in Pine Ridge is a solar computer. I hope to learn about blockchain encryption software for building microgrids. In addition, it is an immediate interest of mine to involve local youth in technology education.
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