Mean Free Path: Stanzas 1-14

Mean Free Path

1. Deconstruction of mass destruction,
A clandestine blaze of white hot love,
Burning in my heart full of Christ,
Jesus, I love you giver of Life,
Water to all the saints underneath,
Peacekeeper IIIs, bow down to life,
To, the tree whose bark gives us baskets,
I see in the grass Allah’s love,
No leaf falls without adonai’s will,
The sacred force is the same,
A nucleus of hearts waiting to be split and joined in orgasmic fusion,
Love is all there is in those seven paths from the sky,
When beings-in-the-world face finitude,
Transcending obstacles,
Becoming, being, static,

2. Cybernetic blood, sugar, sex majik,
Apples, Androids, and Firefoxes,
In the heart of the Land of the Free,
The heartland, no dirty, dirty here,
Mother Minnesota nice ice,
The drift of Middle Eastern ash,
Vaporized half a world a way,
By Teller’s septuplets, atomic love,
We need that night vision green,
The color of money for Seals,
To keep the sugar flowing in our blood,
Fuck who you want, any day, any time,
Tinder for dopamine floods, sex majik,
At night, the nuclear winter in American Babylon,

3. Then shall anyone who,
Has done an atom’s weight,
Of good, see it!
And anyone who,
Has done an atom’s weight,
Of evil, shall see it,
At the hands of God,
The unknown known Source of Life,
Humanity’s got that atomic climate change cure,
They got that Information Superhighway,
They got that techne, that fire,
It’s cool, they stole that shit from Zeus,
But do these mortals have time?
Do they control time?

4. O’ day, arise!
Shine your light, the atoms are dancing.
Thanks to Him the universe is dancing.
overcome with ecstasy,
Free from body and mind
I’ll whisper in your ear where their dance is leading them.
All the atoms in the air and in the desert are dancing,
puzzled and drunken to the ray of light,
they seem insane,
All these atoms are not so different than we are,
happy or miserable,
perplexed and bewildered,
we are all beings in the ray of light from the beloved,
nothing can be said,

5. Time for springtime is lovetime,
And viva sweet love,
(All the merry little birds are,
Flying in the floating in the,
Very spirits singing in,
Are winging in the blossoming),
Lovers go and lovers come,
Awandering awondering,
But any two are perfectly,
Alone there’s nobody else alive,
(Such a sky and such a sun,
I never knew and neither did you,
And everybody never breathed,
Quite so many kinds of yes),
Not a tree can count his leaves,
Each herself by opening,
But shining who by thousands mean,
Only one amazing thing,
(Secretly adoring shyly,
Tiny winging darting floating,
Merry in the blossoming,
Always joyful selves are singing),
Sweet spring is your,
Time is my time is our,
Time for springtime is lovetime,
And viva sweet love,

6. I am so hungry!
Time for vergangenheitsbewältigung,
The means of dealing with the past,
I am hungry for justice and peace!
I am hungry!
One shot to the brain,
Three shots, I’m goin’ in,
I’m on my level, yea!
I’m on my level, yeah!
I’m on my level, yea!
I’m on my level, yeeah!

7. In the middle of the Night,
Them atoms was split,
By them gangstas,
Them despots,
Two days ago,
All that uranium was mined to flow the oil,
All that plutonium was used,
Fashioned into arrows,
MIRVs, Little Boys, and Fat Mans,
MXs and SS-18s,
Jericho IIIs and Tridents,
Atomic ice nine,
Catalysts, chain reaction,
Atomic Love, Atomic Love,
Atomic Love, Atomic Love,
Allostery? In the Brain?!

8. That Psi, that prion saw it,
The mushroom cloud of blood,
The desert ash from the Middle East,
Before it happened, he saw the Zeitgeist,
That bet-hedger, that risk taker,
That crazy drunk motherfucker,
On lithium,
Expanded, went viral, population explosion,
Geometric expansion,
Atomic climate change cure,
Ice nine, ice nine, ice nine,
Psi’s way is enlightenment and love,
That Bektashi crystal,
From his grave in Konya,
That molecular mystic,
That hydrogen dioxide Rumi,
That drunk Sufi whirling dervish,
Shit! He’s Turkish and Kurdish!
That guy’s bipolar!
He’s black and white,
Male and female,
Trained by Derrida to annihilate binaries,
Matter annihilates anti-matter,
Binary opposition,
Driving forward to the Future!
The Future of Man,
The Future of Woman,
The Future of Humanity,
The Omega Point,

9. He’s a cray, cray son of Erbil!
Crazy lover boy full of Platonic Love,
Love, sweet love, sweet Soul love,
He’s got a sharp Mind and a soft Soul,
He’s a poet? The evangel is a poem?
The injil is a poem? A meme?

10. Carving hearts on trees,
Saving fishes,
Rescuing cats,
Resurrecting them from the Dead,
Fire Tablet in hand,
In his heart,
In her heart,
In their heart,
Balance male and female,
Only dancing can stop the pain,
Says the Turk in the rain,
With the Syrian brother,
Together with their sisters,
They move across the floor,
Hearts embrace they open a door,
Tonight at class she looked me in the eyes,
The pain was seen, no disguise,
Honest and truthful,
I was wrong about this tango dance,
It can be a Zen-like trance,

11. …or one can take another stance,
And approach it like a Sufi,
The symbiotic dervish pair,
Brother and sister,
Yin and Yang,
Allah’s balance and peace,
Precipitating out hate,
Crashing out of solution,
Cleaning up Babylon,
Picking up trash,
No more dirty, dirty,
Clean, pure, crystalline Light,
Shining from the Beloved,
The Sun, the Moon, the Stars,
The Galaxy, The Cosmos, Space,
The cosmic Atlien builder of New Jerusalem,
Out of the ashes of the old,
Eden restored,
Tree of Life front and center,
Viral love, pure clean,
Water fire love blown by wind on earth,
Elemental love,
Sweeping across the desert, bringing Life,
Restoring the Amazon,
Repopulating the Earth,
Restoring Gaia,
Earth to Her throne,
To rule for all time,

12. That’s what you get when you overexpress,
Love in the nucleus, in the heart,
With a strong promoter,
What’s the control?
How do you control viral Love?
White hot viral ice nine?
Love! Love! Love!
Free Love! Freedom!
Saving them nasty dancers dancing fo’ money,
From night vision green,
The color of money,
Suelo, the grounded Awakened One,
American Desert Father,
Christ walk in,
New Age Prophet,
Moneyless angel,
Azrael and Michael,
Finished their job,
On the Spiritual plane,
The invisible,
At rest,
Gone, peace restored,
Utopia, like Atlanta,
The Phoenix of the South,
Firebird of Love,
Dr. King lives!
Immortal Soul of Christ!

13. Brothers and sisters,
stay together,
learn the flowers,
go light,
Tango forever in peace,

14. Blessed are the poor in spirit,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn,
For they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
For they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
For they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful,
For they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
For they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they will be called children of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

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About kayaerbil

I am a Berkeley educated chemistry Ph.D. who is moving into the area of working on developing appropriate technology for communities that are subjected to socio-economic oppression. The goal is to use simple and effective designs to empower people to live better lives. Currently, I am working with Native Americans on Pine Ridge, the Lakota reservation in South Dakota. I am working with a Native owned and run solar energy company. We are currently working on building a compressed earth block (CEB) house that showcases many of the technologies that the company has developed. The CEB house is made of locally derived resources, earth from the reservation. The blocks are naturally thermally insulating, keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Eventually, a solar air heater and photovoltaic panels will be installed into the house to power the home and keep it warm, while preserving the house off the grid. A side project while in Pine Ridge is a solar computer. I hope to learn about blockchain encryption software for building microgrids. In addition, it is an immediate interest of mine to involve local youth in technology education.
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