Yurtta sulh, cihanda sulh (peace at home, peace in the world): Gaia’s Brain Responds to Ankara, Turkey via Art on ARPANET


Based upon my experience with M to M of Atlanta, I feel that if we can solve the problem of racism we can have world peace here in the Middle East and in in America, everywhere. Here is an idea. For domestic activists in groups ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ they face the same issue. #blacklivesmatter is actively suppressed by the government at times as governments do in China and in the Middle East with political dissidents. This may be good, as it promotes peace. However, people need to learn the limits of the technology. Thus, the art.  See this article about Minerva.

“How the Internet’s Collective Intelligence Could Outsmart AI

What if computers could take the words we type on the internet and convert them into a language that describes what they actually mean? Analyzing data pulled from social media would reveal insights into the deeper questions about our real motives and feelings, instead of mere statistics. Pierre Lévy, a French philosopher who’s been writing about cyberspace since the 1990s and who is the Canada research chair in collective intelligence at the University of Ottawa, is working on software that can do just this. He’s done the math and annotated the entire French dictionary with a language—or, as he calls it, a hyper-language, since it describes words that already form a language of their own—that he calls IEML, or the Information Economy MetaLanguage. All that’s left is to do the actual coding to turn it into an automatic system.”

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Based upon the thought in my last post from yesterday, I want to do some art on the Internet (ARPANET), what I call “Gaia’s Brain” in verse.  In memory of those souls who passed in Ankara, Turkey this weekend (New York Times article about the event). I am trying to gather translations of the following poem entitled “The Descent of Man” from around the Middle East, Northern Africa, and great world.

The purpose is to create an art project, a website, to resist the tendency for totalitarian governments to oppress the people with information analytics on social networks. I want demonstrate in the art that language cannot be reduced to 0s and 1s. Journalists are being arrested in Turkey for Tweets. All around the MENA region the same is happening. What can one do but create art to resist this totalitarianism? Raise awareness for peace in the idea that everyone is entitled to be able to speak and be heard as long it is for promoting love, understanding, peace, and justice.  If you feel it is needed use Tor for anonymity in your submission.  

Who is willing to help?

This is what I am seeking translations of:

The Descent of Man

And then there was Light, E = mc^2 was revealed by the Sun,
M = E/c^2 was employed by man to wage war after Trinity,
Albert Einstein must have been of black and white human natures,
It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom,
Mountains do not do politics,
Today, we are creating deserts,
Tomorrow, we will build the mountains peacefully,
I do not know how the Third World War will be fought,
But I can tell you what they will use in the Fourth – rocks!
The rock of Abraham, Kaaba (inorganic matter – black stone),
Will out live all Life, organic matter, on earth,
The Sun will enter a state of decline, a nova,
And all matter in the Solar System will be reunited as One,
Time will pass, and the finite creation will return to the Infinite Absolute Void of God,
Thus completing the cycle of creation.

Please Facebook me and private message me translations along with GPS coordinates of the site of translation.  Alternatively, email them to:


Thank you.  Love, peace, and courage.

“Yurtta sulh, cihanda sulh”

Peace at home, Peace in the world.

– Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on 20 April 1931

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