Poetry as a Dephasing Gradient for the Mind


Poetry as a Dephasing Gradient for the Mind

What’s on your Mind?
Nuclear magnetic resonance,
Spins dancing around in proteins,
An atomic expression of movement,
The tango of life,
There is a way to incorporate the truth,
Into verse,
No more excuses,
There are no silver linings in anything you said,
You keep on denying,
The truth,
Life is fluid,
Like water,
Yea, there is fire,
But, in relationship,
In the embrace,
The loving nodes in the graph,
Of the molecular web of Life,
Sees the vortex,
The black hole,
And drives back,
The delusion that it is the end,
This the beginning,
The New Age,
A time when we will discover the movement of atoms,
See into matter,
Find dynamics,
Fluid evolutionary dynamics,
That time at MIT was good,
I saw the Nowak theory,
And thought about the Middle East,
I said, “How can I spread love?”
On the graph?
Show, your face,
In tears,
And face the silicon,
Big Brother,
And learn to love him,
Big brother is not what you think,
It is your sister,
It is your brother,
It is the collective consciousness of Gaia,
They are trying to help you,
Study, the five rules for the evolution of cooperation,
See the truth of how in the War of Nature,
Love can grow,
It is in the Face,
Perhaps, we can find,
On the Facebook love,
There is a way to spread love on silicon,
The graph,
The brain of Gaia,
Be honest,
Rip off the mask,
And cry one day,
Show your tears,
Let them see the hell,
The heart of the mystic,
In the spins,
One can see cooperation,
Spins are cool,
They are nuclear,
Not like that other nuclear,
They are atomic peace agents,
NMR is the dance of spins,
The dance of love,
Quick, record your spectra,
The Rorschach blot of Gaia,
X-rays are cool,
But if you trust the spins,
You find that movement,
Dynamics is what life is about,
It is not static,

As Levinas says, “expression, in which at each instant he overflows the idea a thought would carry away from it. It is therefore to receive from the Other beyond the capacity of the I, which means exactly: to have the idea of infinity. But this also means: to be taught. The relation with the Other, or Conversation, is a non-allergic relation, an ethical relation; but inasmuch as it is welcomed this conversation is a teaching. Teaching is not reducible to maieutics; it comes from the exterior and brings me more than I contain. In its non-violent transitivity the very epiphany of the face is produced.” The face is the only thing that can share the truth.

Bursa, Turkey:


Can you translate the following into Arabic as you understand it:

“The Descent of Man And then there was Light, E = mc^2 was revealed by the Sun, M = E/c^2 was employed by man to wage war after Trinity, Albert Einstein must have been of black and white human natures, It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom, Mountains do not do politics, Today, we are creating deserts, Tomorrow, we will build the mountains peacefully, I do not know how the Third World War will be fought, But I can tell you what they will use in the Fourth – rocks! The rock of Abraham, Kaaba (inorganic matter – black stone), Will out live all Life, organic matter, on earth, The Sun will enter a state of decline, a nova, And all matter in the Solar System will be reunited as One, Time will pass, and the finite creation will return to the Infinite Absolute Void of God, Thus completing the cycle of creation.”

Saudi Arabia today:

اصل الانسان و هنالك ضوء بُعِث من الشمس ووظّف من قبل شخص لشنّ حرب على الثالوث المقدس يتوجب على البرت اينشتاين ان يملك طبائع الانسان الشريرة والطاهرة من الصعب القضاء على التحيز من الذرة لا تهتم الجبال بالسياسة اليوم نحن نخلق/ نكوّن الصحارى غدا سنقيم الجبال بسلام لا اعلم كيف ستُخاض الحرب العالمية الثالثة لكن بإمكاني اخبارك ماذا سيستخدمون في الصخور الرابعة صخرة ابراهام, الكعبة المشرفة مادة غير عضوية – الحجر الاسود ستصمد/ستعمّر/ ستنجو من الموت ,مادة عضوية على الارض ستدخل الشمس في حالة من الانحدار والهبوط, نوفا(نجم يسطع لدرجة مفاجئة ثم العودة الى حالته الاصلية خلال بضعة اشهر) وستتّحد كل عناصر النظام الشمسي سيمضي الوقت, وستعود الخليقة المحدودة الى الفراغ المطلق اللامحدود لله

Back into Google Translate:

The origin of man and there is light sent from the sun and hired by someone to wage war on the Holy Trinity have to Albert Einstein that has the natures of the evil man and pure hard to eliminate the bias of corn do not care about the mountains in politics today we are creating / be deserts tomorrow we will establish the mountains in peace I do not know How World War III will be fought, but I can inform you of what they will use in the fourth rock rock Abraham, the Kaaba inorganic substance - Black Stone would stand / Stamr / survive the death, organic material on the ground, will enter the sun in a state of decline and decline, Nova (star shines sudden degree then return to its original state within a few months) and will unite all the elements of the solar system will spend time, and will return the creature limited to the absolute vacuum unlimited God

Can silicon really be used to enframe human language?

Is not language, poesis, subjective and non-reducible to numbers?

So, why are people at MIT trying to reduce language down to numbers?

It is not numbers, it is poesis, the speaking that we use to come to being.

It is our attempt to find the infinite in the face of the other.

We find, in the face the truth.

Dialog, speech, love, none of that can be reduced to numbers.

There is no AI that can translate me.

I am a human.

I am not a machine.

There is no machine that can speak like a prophet.

This is an act, theater.

Love, peace, patience.

Understanding, love in relationship with the “Other.”

The Face of your kin.

Humanity, together on Gaia.

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