Classroom Management and Art in my Classroom

one2 The artists in Little Five Points who helped me decorate my classroom.  The guy on the left is a computer programmer who is taught by Nuracode and the guy on the right is the actual artist of these drawings:

two3 I think the arts are the place where young people can learn to overcome barriers and to see the work of their own hands.  I had a conversation with my good friend last night after showing him my last blog post and he said is sounded like Dr. King’s letter from a Birmingham jail in its style.  He stated that out of my emotional mind, my reasonable mind, and my wise mind the writing reflected the reasonable mind.  I like the way he said that.  Here is some of my art work (some is above on the board).  My idea behind the bulletin board is to show a display of prominent African-American people as mentors for my students.  I’d like to encourage, and even grade, art and science pieces from my students, but to do so I have to get supplies from my students and bring my classroom under control.  The single hardest factor in my teaching school is the classroom management issue.  I struggled dearly this semester to bring my classroom under control, and still to this day I have not been able to do that.  I was told by one of my other mentor teachers that I am a soft spoken and humble person and therefore not cut out for being a solid teacher in the environment that I teach.  She said I have to learn how to yell.  I do yell, to no avail.  I do not necessarily agree with that, I think I can learn the skills needed, but God knows I have a long way to go until I can claim mastery of classroom management.  I need to get the classroom under control before I can advance in teaching pretty much anything.  I have a book I am going to read this Christmas break about new strategies and I hope to implement an entirely new system of classroom management next semester.  So, before I can unleash a flurry of art-science activities into the classroom, I have to have the students listening to what I have to say.  Also, how do I grade art-science activities?  Some thoughts about the management issue, get the parents involved.  One idea I have is to use CallFire to implement a comprehensive strategy for calling parents in my class pretty much every couple of days to update them on the behavior of my class.  The scale of the classroom management issue in my classroom is very large.  I cannot fathom calling all the parents each day unless I have some way to automate the system of calling.  I heard about CallFire when I worked at the International Rescue Committee, and wonder if it might be something good to suggest at a faculty meeting.  I may even fund it myself to give it a try.  Mass emails are a tool that I will use a lot from now on next semester.  I do have a Verizon cell phone that gets reception in my classroom, but I need to refill the minutes on it.  I will do that today.  That was a very useful tool when I did have minutes on it.  Whatever tool I use, I have to work the hardest of all on this one issue to turn the ship around.

molecule nine four five I realized today that I will need to talk to the art department about coming up with a new curriculum for my class next semester.  I want to innovate in art-science instruction in my classroom.

Some more art photos:







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