John Muir Project: Can Regular Psychogeographic Drifts Serve as a new Kind of Christian Mindfulness based Therapy for Bipolar Disorder?


The way the image is constructed it looks like I am bouncing off the images in my representation of a psychogeographic drift.  What did the situationists say about “forces of attraction?”  Three sets of first impressions of this image:

1.  Animal.  Nature.  Water.  Environment.  Person.

2.    тхинк. рандом. тхоугхтс. оф. анимал. хеадс. (Think. Random. Thoughts. of. Animal. Heads.)

3.  Movement.  Emotion.  Surprise.  Connection.  Transformation.

In the past few decades, significant advances in the elucidating genetic and neurochemical factors behind incidents of mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder. This progress is due the revolution in molecular biology, DNA sequencing, and psychopharmacology. In stark contrast environmental influences have been difficult to identify. This is perhaps due to the challenges with performing controlled scientific studies on human subjects that have grown up in diverse environments with a myriad of different factors influencing their growth and development. Indeed, each individual is unique taking a distinctly individual trajectory through life. Even if such studies on environmental influences of mental illness can be performed it can be difficult if not impossible to distinguish between correlation and causality. Despite this caveat, researchers have made significant progress on identifying environmental that may contribute to mental illness. One of the most well established environmental factors that is associated with the emergence of mental illness is living in an urban environment (urbanicity). [06252013 work in progress]…

If this is true, then it may be possible to reverse the environmental effects that cultivate suffering and fear in the average American, including my own, heart by both active and passive practices of compassion prayer and meditation. Active meditation and prayer involves such practices as lectio divina (the repetitive reading of spiritually healing passages and scripture), walking meditation, yoga, [526 words for 06202013] …

Latest chapter 1 first draft of John Muir Project book in Microsoft Word format:


Microsoft PowerPoint file of collage:


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