John Muir Project: Thoughts on Christian Mindfulness Practices for Treating “Mental Illnesses”

Today’s 231 John Muir Project words:
write out how Mindfulness can be practiced in the Christian tradition. How do I plan to practice Christian Mindfulness and what mental health benefits do I hypothesize these practices will have. Can cooperatively self-assembled groups of people, congregations, work collectively to perform environmental “drifts” and what mental health benefits will these group practices have for the groups. Mention Quaker meditation silences, prayer labrynths, and hymn singing as three examples of conventional cooperative pactices. Employing Paul Tillich (pp. 114-117, Systematic Theology) as a platform, explain why a Christian mindfulness based approach to traditional secular mental health approaches. Point out the distinction between the biopsychosocial model of mind with the Christian model of mind. Draw out how ultimately both models should be held in close balanced dialectical tension for the healthiest life. Also, explain the vast financial burden to the patient of too much traditional secular care. Lastly, point out that people like my sister at the financial margin who do not have health insurance are able to recieve Christian mindfulness based therapy. Something as simple as attending liturgy can heal the brain, mind, and soul since in reality the three, like the Holy Trinity, are one sacred element of the human being. WHO HAS COME UP WITH TRIUNE THEORIES OF MIND

Rudolf Steiner, Philosophy of Freedom
40 years mystery of Golgatha

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