Cool gear list for the Appalachian trail.

wondering and wandering

Revised AT Gear (Summer Months- New England) 

Big 4

Golite Jam 50 Liter pack

35 degree 800 fill mummy bag –use mostly as quilt (w/ ultralite drysack)

Poncho Tarp/ Tyvek Groundsheet/ parachute chord/ stakes (**rely on shelter most nights)

¾ length thermarest guidelight sleeping pad (stick pack under feet)

*poles- optional depending on preference


Stuff sack (sil nylon- big enough for food and cook kit

.75 ish liter titanium pot

Titanium spoon

Cat food can stove/ windscreen/ mini pepsi bottle for fuel

Extra mini bic lighter

(2) 2 liter platypus (for camp/ extra hot days/areas)

1 gatorade bottle (don’t carry more water than this normally)

Dropper bottle with bleach for water purification


*Always in your pocket- single blade knife and mini bic lighter

Two pairs running shorts with mesh liner (1 for hiking, 1 for sleeping) (no boxers)

1 quick dry t shirt

1 fleece beanie

1 trucker…

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