Bird’s Eye View of the Old Testament

The similarities and differences between the two creation stories of Genesis 1 and 2 (precept, Kugel, 52-54)

The Documentary Hypothesis, including something about the sources themselves and the main outline of how the sources came together—(Kugel 29-45, 297-316, 360-363)

Literary and theological issues in Genesis 1-11

The structure and themes of Genesis 12-50

Kugel’s “Two Models of God and the ‘God of Old’ (Kugel 107-118)

Genesis 22—questions of method, theology and history of interpretation (Davis, 50-64, Kugel 119-132, class discussion)

Literary and theological issues in Exodus 1-15

The name of God (YHWH) in Exodus 3:14-15 and its wider significance (Kugel 209-212, 214-216)

The exodus out of Egypt and the question of history (Kugel 204-209)

Law codes in the Pentateuch and the ancient Near East (Kugel 268-279, 297-316)

Types of law, their narrative contexts, their theology

Know the short version of the Ten Commandments in order  (short version = 3-6 words per commandment) (Kugel 251-259)

Covenant—theology of the Israelite covenants; relationship to suzerain-vassal treaty forms (Kugel, 240-249, 348-355)

The book of Deuteronomy as introduction to the Deuteronomistic History (DtrH) and features of the DtrH style and perspective (Kugel 368-373)

Theories concerning the emergence of Israel in the land (Kugel 373-385)

Theological, ethical and interpretational issues surrounding entry into the land, violence and holy war (Warrior)

Socio-political and theological forces promoting and resisting idea of kingship in ancient Israel in its ancient Near Eastern context (Kugel, 436-457, 475-487)

Royal Theology (Kugel 486-505)

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