Irenology 2: American War, Christian Conscience, and Building Peace with the Islamic World

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For the full report of this remarkable historical event, please go to this webpage.  At a time when the Puritans were persecuting the Quakers. English woman Mary Fisher (1623 – 1698) meets the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed IV and speaks a message from God. “Exactly what it was she told the Sultan isn’t recorded. But after she had ministered, she asked if he had understood her. He answered, “yea, every word, and it is truth!”” (Quoted directly from the article) Later she wrote, “They are more near Truth than many nations; there is a love begot in me towards them which is endless, but this is my hope concerning them, that he who hath raised me to love them more than many others will also raise his seed in them unto which my love is. Nevertheless, though they be called Turks, the seed of them is near unto God, and their kindness hath in some measure been shown towards his servants.”

If only Islamic, Christian, and Jewish fundamentalists with divisive political agendas on different sides of the conflicts in the Middle East would study this historical event and practice similar efforts of mutual understanding and compassion the world would be a more peaceful and happy place.

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