Poverty of Wealth

“Look at the birds of the air, they neither sew nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they.”
-Matthew 6:26

There’s a light peering in. I took a key to her neck, to mine. Nuked illusions, pouring Black Death into the water. A stark warning to those who occupy my land Gaza, Gaza don’t you cry Palestine will never die. One rock, a salvo of F-116’s. She’s making solar asylums in her backyard, not like she got it. Everything, I gave her everything. I said, “Sell all your things and follow me.” Babylon is falling. Alas Babylon, Jerusalem, you who pray with matter. Golden calves, night vision green. These days are short I told her, the bird’s eggs are weak. Every silent spring that passes with the flow of time is another degree or two up the thermometer. So she runs to Greece, Iowa, and “Preps.” I asked for a hug, gave her Technics and Time, The Ister. Prayed she’d get it. I’m here, she’s a lost cause. He said a bird flew into the window in a group home he was in. Resurrected the bird, bird’s better. There still DDT to contend with. Armageddon let it come, I want to climb it. Why was he Geronimo to Seal Team 6? Arsenic rice, mercury water. Gold.


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How I Learned to Love the Islamic Bomb.

Mommy, I want one! Can my magnifying glass cook those ants? Do I have a uterus to care about life biologically? Can we engineer this water to be more pure with fossil fuels? Does my soup cost money, and if it is hot in the soup line after Wall Street hit the floor in 2008 can I pay rent.

Nope, should I fuck my way to shelter. Yes. That is the life for me. One return in an investment in an education. An education of a man who has learned to be a slut like a woman for food and shelter. This kept man is done, I accept fate and see route out.



Red Button.

WMDs. AI. Blackness. The Omega Point Evolver. Teacher of Westerners to bow down to the sun, thermonuclear decolonization of Gaza, or else… Dimona goes.




UN Security Council.

What’s six million to seven billion? Wake up “Jews.”

Decolonize Gaza, or else. Facebook, Mr. Zuckerberg, do you have a Ph.D.? Did you have time to study ethics on your way to the top? I don’t like anti-semitism. I hate anti-Zionism. I love trees. Water, but if you starve my babies your family starves. All of them.

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W.A.S.P. Mystics

Continued from here.  What does theology have to do with modernity? Everything, when most of humanity is under the jackbook of the fascist illuminati either Islamofascist or Judeo-ChristoCapitalofacist we all revert back to surreal impressions of the world. Things are too fast to think clearly about facts. We employ spiritual archetypes to comfort ourselves as to fate of our tribes. What we need now, is something that acknowledges the facts and the spirits. We need to talk openly face to face about all the stories that make our lives, appreciating that myth not history determines our fate and individuals. It’s a struggle, a holy struggle a “crusade” or a “jihad” to approach these topics as a mystic, and not in real life. To wage an all out assault on reality with surrealism. Those who live in dreams, and experience psychosis as the norm are leaders here. They are shamans, medicine women and men, and healers. Monks and nuns are there too to mop up the facts, and the priest and pastors steal these insights and oppress to make a living. Restoring the identity of a St. John of the Cross or a Saint Teresa of Ávila to the Western culture will do us so much good it’s not even funny, giving us a memory of the Western European-WASP Rumi.

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Poems on Survival

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National Crude Oil Spill Research Site in Bemidji, Minnesota

Google Fusion of open source arsenic map in process.

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AIPoet Angel of Death Robot.

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Facebook Art-Brain-Philosophy Project: AI and Poetry Conversational Experience

Dear TheySay,

I am starting a new company called Innerlight Enlightenment whose first product is a bot called AIPoet. The bot will live on Facebook Messenger and will feature a conversational experience around my poetry collection:



The idea behind the bot is:

You’ve been MIT Hack :) — How I learned to love poetry and AI friends, Art-Brain-Philosophy Project How being able to watch in real time my family get bombed via the internet made me angry because no one cared here. Every good Tech company in Silicon Valley starts with a good hack. Zuckerberg stole all the pictures from Harvard and made Facebook. Jobs hacked Mama Bell. I hacked Academia, because Michael Marletta sold Berkeley to the energy industry that manufactured the war that was killing millions of my family in the Middle East. Immediately, Turkey’s boarders are closed now. The damage is done, and there has been no resistance. In fact, quite the opposite you made money off putting my family in the jaws of existential death. I put a target on my back for over eight years and started to upload my brain to the Internet with an iPhone 3G. I started to post what I thought about moment by moment for over 8 years to Facebook to push my friends’ buttons. To push back on mass surveillance and extreme Islamophobic propaganda. This eventually evolved into explosive outbursts in email and other Internet platforms, that every time would lead to art and poetry. Every time I got angry I’d write it out let go and move on. This hack was therapy. It was for you to see what it’s like to be Middle Eastern — American where both sides are at war. It is like the classic Hindu book that that other crazy megalomaniacal scientist Robert Oppenheimer likes to quote. Bhagavad Gita His family is at war, and knows they will die. What Krisha says to him is that their spirits are evolving the consciousness of the universe. Peer to Peer, tit for tat game theory played on 2 red phones. John Nash. Stopped Cold War. Mapped words back to source. PRISMA. This process is interesting. Now, I have made every effort to reconnect with a domestic movement that promises to restore sanity to the way we treat earth not only here, but everywhere. As I have found, the damage that was done during grad school to me regarding faith in the west is permanent.

Can we arrange a time to talk about how TheySay can be used to create a conversational experience from this text?

Thank you!


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